Organizations’ strategic vision is delivered through programs & projects and so it is critical that programs and projects are delivered successfully.

We use a well-defined and proven implementation methodology to get our clients up and running quickly in a matter of weeks. Our consultants are well experienced and will ensure the success of your implementation using both industry and software expertise.

At DG & Associates, we employ a simple three-step approach to launch your Project Portfolio Management solution.


At DG & Associates, our belief is that strategic technology must be matched with unparalleled service at every stage of the customer experience—from planning the implementation and driving adoption to realizing the value and benefits.

What makes us a leader? Easy, it is our people and our approach. Our people bring practical, practice-based experience and best practices. Our approach is to service our customers for life. DG has services offerings to support our customers from implementation, through augmentation, and value realization. Contact DG & Associates now to learn more on how quickly and easily you can be on your way to realizing the value of Project and Portfolio Management.